coding resources

A running list of the main resources I’ve been using to learn to code:

1.) Allen B. Downey’s textbook Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

2.) Documentation for everything (Python docs, Javascript MDN)

3.) MIT OpenCourseWare 6.00SC: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

4.) Udacity’s Web Development Courses

5.) Stack Overflow

6.) Project Euler

7.) Coursera

8.) Coderbyte programming challenges

9.) Eloquent JavaScript

10.) for test-driven-development challenges

11.) Harvard’s CS 50 on OpenCourseWare

12.) PluralSight and Code School’s classes on Angular 2 and TypeScript (not free)

Resources used sporadically in the months before starting this blog:
1.) Codecademy’s Python Course
2.) Zed A. Shaw’s Learn Python the Hard Way
3.) Stanford’s Programming Methodology (CS106a) lectures

I’m extremely grateful to the creators of these learning resources, especially for making them accessible and free.