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As I pursue the journey that is learning to code, I’ll be using this blog as a journal to keep track of my projects, excitement, and struggles. The main resources that I’m using to learn are listed here. And below is a weekly overview of what I’ve done so far.

Weekly Overview

WEEK 1 – WEEK 4: Think Python textbook and exercises
I spent weeks 1-4 studying the 19 chapters and solving nearly all of the exercises in Allen B. Downey’s free online textbook: Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

WEEK 5: Command-line Tic-tac-toe; watching lots of lectures; learning to write tests; revising solutions to Think Python exercises

WEEK 6: GUI with Tkinter, Command-line Tic-Tac-Toe made with Classes and tests; learning about Flask; making a data tracker application: for CSV files from the OS X Bandwidth+ app; Udacity’s Intro to HTML and CSS course

WEEK 7: Making a website for Yellow Bird farm and artist retreat; Udacity course Intro to Relational Databases; Udacity course Full Stack Foundations Lessons 1-2; Project Euler problems

WEEK 8: Udacity course Full Stack Foundations Lessons 3-4; learning about SQL and SQLAlchemy; making an experimental website that uses a database (on github here);
Codecademy courses: Make a Website, HTML & CSS, JQuery

WEEK 9: Make an Interactive Website, MIT OpenCourseWare: 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Programming— Unit 1: Lectures 1-7, command line word games

WEEK 10: MIT OpenCourseWare: 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Programming: Lectures 8 – 12, Problem Sets #3-5, Command Line Text-Twist game

[[ Note about Weeks 9 and 10: I spent a large portion of these two weeks in the hospital as someone I’m close to underwent and began to recover from major surgery. I’ve tried to keep up with my daily code learning and practice, but have probably produced less code and made less focused progress than most weeks so far. ]]

WEEK 11: MIT OpenCourseWare: 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Programming: Lectures 13 – 16, Problem Sets #5(finished) & 6, Clean Code: chapters 1-3, command line word search game

WEEK 12: MIT OpenCourseWare: 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Programming: Lectures 17- 19, Recitation 7, Problem Sets #7 and #8, Quiz 2, Project Euler problems, Coderbyte Programming Challenges

[[NOTE: Beginning with Week 13, I have transitioned to only posting once a week (on Friday), rather than every single day, in order to save more time for actually writing code. My weekly recaps are less detailed than my daily posts; however, I still try to mention everything that I’ve been working on throughout the week, high and low points, as well as explain the flow of my work (i.e. why and how I’ve moved from one topic to another), and what I’ve found especially interesting and exciting.]]

WEEK 13: Coursera courses: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (Weeks 1-3), Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (Weeks 1-4), CodeWars programming challenges

WEEK 14:
Coursera: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking— up through lecture 7; Coursera: Using Python to Access Web Data— entire course; Coursera: Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications— Week 0 lectures and assignments; Coursera: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript— Week 1 lectures and programming assignment (creating a dating website)

WEEK 15: Coderbyte programming challenges: easy challenges #1-12 (available here on Github) and 21 of the medium challenges (available here on Github); Coursera: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript— Week 2 lectures and programming assignment (creating color-guessing game); learning JavaScript (here and here)

WEEK 16: Udacity JavaScript Course;
Coding House#ChangeTheRatio Scholarship Entry; Coderbyte Programming Challenges: my solutions on Github here; Coursera: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript–creating an interactive matching game

WEEK 17: Eloquent JavaScript (by Marijn Haverbeke), introduction – chapter 3: my solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises on Github here; Coding House Pre-work: Touch typing, Git and Github, Linux Commands, Intro to JavaScript tutorial videos by Coding House

WEEK 18 – WEEK 20: Coding House PreWork: completing 150 hours of mandatory and optional prework before arriving at Coding House bootcamp on January 5th. Coding House asked me to keep my solutions in a private GitHub repo. However, where possible, I’ve posted the challenge and a screenshot of my working solution. Challenges 2-14 here, challenges 15-21 here, and the optional challenges here. I’ve also continued to work through Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke– my solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises are on Github here.

WEEK 21 – WEEK 29:
Coding House: Immersive, Live-in, 70+ hours per week, Full Stack Coding Bootcamp
Mainly focused on Javascript and the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node)
Coding House Website

WEEK 30 – WEEK 33:
Apprenticeship/Job applications, coding challenges, and interviews
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1: on Coursera here

WEEK 34 – WEEK 50:
Apprentice developer at Cyrus Innovation

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