Weeks 29 & 30

After returning from California last week, I’ve spent the majority of my time working on job and apprenticeship applications and coding challenges. Some of the challenges have been timed assessments on HackerRank, and others have been longer challenges for which I submitted an entire program. Most of them have stated explicitly that I’m not allowed to share the coding question(s) or my answers, but even for the ones that don’t state so, I imagine the companies wouldn’t want me publishing that information online. Therefore, I don’t have a lot to show in terms of code for the past week and a half. However, once I’ve finished a few more of these applications, I’m going to return to some of the projects I’ve been thinking about, and I’ll share the code I’m writing again then. Also, in the process of working through some of these assessments, I’ve run into some specific technical challenges. I think that my solutions to them might be useful to other people too, and so I’m planning to try to write a couple blog posts about really particular coding techniques/difficulties (e.g. problems that can arise from the fact that the Javascript sort method on an array both returns the sorted array and sorts it in place, and how this can lead to misleading errors).

When I haven’t been working on applications, I’ve been trying to learn more about algorithms and data structures. I’m doing a Stanford Coursera class, Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part I, and reading through parts of this MIT text, Mathematics for Computer Science. Both of them have been really useful so far.

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