Week 26

Coding House: Week 6

The main focus of learning this week has been AngularJS— the final piece of our MEAN-stack puzzle. Angular is a framework that enables one to write fast single page applications, connecting the HTML and JavaScript code in a unique way. I’m still wrestling with figuring out how all of the front-end and back-end components of our Express apps work now that we’ve thrown Angular into the mix. But the possibilities enabled by data-binding and templating are already apparent and exciting. For example, a filtering function that took me 15 lines of jQuery and JavaScript to write before can be written with just two small editions to the HTML now.

Another prominent and exciting aspect of this week was attending the ForwardJS tech conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. It was an all-day conference with dozens of lectures on various aspects of JavaScript and web development in general. Though many portions of the talks I attended were too advanced for me to follow, it was thrilling and still very informative to listen to many people who are passionate and thoughtful about writing code.
Forward JS Conference Website

Week 6 projects:

on github (pair-programmed): https://github.com/bolducp/Squirrel-Seeks-Chipmunk
live on heroku: https://evening-reaches-83052.herokuapp.com

on github: https://github.com/bolducp/angularStockTracker
live on gh-pages: http://bolducp.github.io/angularStockTracker/#/

on github: https://github.com/bolducp/angularContactList
live on gh-pages: http://bolducp.github.io/angularContactList/

Week 6, Main Topics:

  • MVC paradigm
  • Angular JS
    • data-binding
    • Angular expressions
    • directives
    • controllers
    • dependency injection
    • ng-storage addon
    • services and factories
    • front-end routing (ui-router)
    • state
    • partials
    • satellizer for user auth on the front-end
    • custom directives
  • NPM packages
    • q library
  • promises
  • more Gulp
  • bundling and minification
  • source maps

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