Week 19

Coding House PreWork Challenges

Again, I won’t be posting links to or portions of my actual code, as I think Coding House wants people to keep their solutions private, but whenever possible I’ll try to include screenshots of the outcomes of my work.

Challenge 15 Numbers and ASCII

Screenshot from 2015-12-10 12:55:07.png

A screenshot of my solution’s output:
Screenshot from 2015-12-10 15:52:19

Challenge 16 Widget Mockup

Screenshot from 2015-12-10 15:52:59

This challenge has taken me the longest yet, I’d say. In general, the JQuery, bootstrap and other web-design type challenges have been more difficult because I haven’t done nearly as much of this sort of work yet. The challenges that require more isolated JavaScript functions have been similar to a lot of the work that I’ve been doing in Python– not unlike some of the Coderbyte or Project Euler challenges– and so thinking about how to approach them or google specific useful functions, etc. feels more familiar.

In addition to looking at the resources listed on the Coding House webpage, I’ve also watched several youtube tutorials on JQuery and Bootstrap. In some ways, learning these things feels much easier than learning Python or JavaScript– it feels like once you memorize these certain techniques, it will be more or less implementing the same kind of templates. Maybe that thought just demonstrates that I don’t have enough understanding of the sophistication of front-end work yet.

Here’s the outcome of my solution:



Challenge 17 The Game of Hangman


A screenshot of my solution:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.16.23 PM.png

Challenge 18 Making AJAX Requests


Screenshot of working solution output:


Challenge 19 Loops and Iterators

Screenshot from 2015-12-14 10:33:12

Screenshot of my solution’s output:
Screenshot from 2015-12-14 10:41:28

Challenge 20 Dynamic Element Creation in JQuery

And a snapshot of my solution:


Challenge 21 CSS Diner

Screenshot from 2015-12-14 10:43:27

Here’s a screenshot of the actual tutorial:
Screenshot from 2015-12-14 10:43:46

And a screenshot of me finishing it:


Eloquent JavaScript

I’ve been spending most of my time with the Coding House prework challenges. I’ve learned a lot and have been enjoying them. But I’ve also kept thinking of Marijn Haverbeke’s Eloquent JavaScript, which I had just begun to study when I found out that I’d received the scholarship to Coding House. So as I’ve gotten closer to finishing the prework challenges, I’ve also returned a bit to Eloquent JavaScript.

This week, I studied and did the exercises for Chapter 4: “Data Structures: Objects and Arrays”, and you can see my solutions to the exercises on my GitHub here.