Week 6, Day 3


I’ve spent the entire day struggling to understand Flask and how to use it for web development.

My partner’s cousin has an idea for a travel quiz/recommendation website that she’s been playing around with for a couple years, collecting data for. She’s been looking for someone to help with doing the web development, and I told her that I’d try to learn enough to make it happen.

As Python is the only language that I’ve worked on learning so far, I’ll use it for the back end stuff, and Flask seems to be a popular web framework for Python.

However, so far, I’m really having trouble understanding how Flask interacts with the sort of Python code that I’ve been writing. I think, in part, that I need to gain a better foundation of understanding how web development works generally. I spent the majority of today reading a bunch of documentation and walking through tutorials of which I understood very little.

Here are the places that I spent a lot of time:
* the official Flask tutorial

Here’s one tutorial that I worked through and think I understand pretty well, though: